Professional Piano Tuning and Repair!

Piano Tuning

 Matthew Stanley Piano Tuning provides professional piano tuning and repair services throughout the greater OKC metropolitan area, Edmond, Guthrie, Mid-Del, Moore, Norman and the state of Oklahoma for all makes and models of pianos. Free estimates and discounts for multiple pianos. I can also evaluate pianos before purchasing.

  Most piano manufacturers recommend piano tuning at least twice per year, while new pianos should be tuned three to four times in the first year. Keeping your piano tuned is one of the best maintenance services you can provide for your instrument to keep it in top condition and help insure a long life.

  Temperature and humidity changes through out the year and cause the woods to expand and contract which effect the piano tuning. This is the main reason pianos need serviced. You may not even notice much as many times as the tuning tends to move up or down in pitch in relation with itself, over time this becomes more apparent and you notice the piano is out of tune. Keeping the piano tuned to pitch insures the proper tension of the strings in relations ship to the other components and helps insure satisfaction when playing.

  Regulation is necessary as over time as the pianos geometry changes, springs relax, felts compress and wear on action components. Regulation optimizes the feel and touch of your piano. Problems with double strikes, sluggish keys, heavy or even light key response can all be attributed to a piano needing regulation.

  As a piano tuner-technician with fifteen years of experience, I strive to give you the ideal in piano tuning and maintenance results that you appropriately deserve. Whether you are a concert artist, or amateur pianist,  I will go the extra mile and make sure the tuning or service is more than you are accustomed to receiving!

Now serving Oklahoma City, Edmond, Midwest City, Del City, Shawnee, Stillwater, Perkins, Yukon, Mustang, Moore, Norman, Choctaw, Chickasha, Kingfisher, and beyond.

  For a quality piano tuning or repairs, please call me today to schedule your appointment!       (405)-596-6085

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  -  Matthew Stanley Piano Tuning and Repair -

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